Home made Perfume

What You'll Need to Make Homemade Perfume
Distilled or de-ionized water
Perfume bottle
Essential Oils

You can find distilled or de-ionized water at most grocery stores. You will want to use 190 proof grain alcohol or a quality unflavored vodka, which you can find at any liquor store. You can reuse an old perfume bottle or purchase one at most herbalist shops or health food stores. Essential oils are available at most health food stores as well, though you will find a larger selection online.

We will talk about different families of scents a little later, but if you're overwhelmed already by the choices, consider starting with an easy recipe:
4 parts orange oil
2 parts lavender oil
1 parts cinnamon oil
Sweet almond or jojoba oil Sweet almond and jojoba are carrier oils, they have no scent of their own. Their job is to deliver the message. Your job is to decide what the message will be! Homemade perfume can be fun!

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